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Winter20 Festival

BEERS - a wide range of tastey beers, 35 of which we havent had before

CIDERS - if you come across antyhing you fancy please tweet to us @AltonBeerFest

MUSIC - see Music Box

FOOD - Four Marks and Ropley Scouts will have their superb offering as usual and Hingry Budha Thai will be back as well.

Session Times

Friday Evening


7pm - 11pm

11am - 6pm


The bands entertaining you at the Winter20 festival will be:

Friday Eve


- Big Red Ass

- Black Sheep

Legg's Inn

6 serve yourself handpulls

Plus the Craft Beer Bar serving a superb selection of micro brewery keg beer, plus a chance to compare the same beer in cask and keg.

Our thanks to Winchester Bar Services for their technical and commercial support.

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