Alton Beer Festival

Drinking for local Charities since 2002

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© Copyright ABF Charitable Trust 2016.  Registered Charity No. 1170155

Great Beer - Great Food - Great Time

Alton Beer Festival

The Alton Beer Festival is run as a charity for the benefit of worthy causes local to Alton

Great Beer - Great Food - Great Music - Great Cider & a Great Time.

Beer prices still at £1.50 per half whatever the strength or type and the Gully Gully Man is magic!!

Don’t forget to bring your glass or rent a glass one for the session


Want to choose our session based on the music style these are the Winter 2017 bands:

What’s coming in 2017

The Winter Festival will have a stillage dedicated to the

an exclusive range of aged dark beers!!

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keep up with the activity to bring you the best Beer Festival in the South

2017 Festival dates @ Alton College

Winter: 24-25 February 2017

Summer: 2-3 June 2017

With Beer, Cider, Wine, Food and music come along for a fabulous evening out among people who love a great time whilst raising money for local charities.

Never been to a festival before?  Its not all beards, sandals and drunks.  Alton Beer Festival is a friendly festival, its focus is drinking for charity.  If you want to know more about beer ask one of the servers, try something different, sample some cider, try a beer from a different part of the country,  apple juice is free, food is great and music adds to the atmosphere.  On your own, home alone?  Come along and meet people having a fabulous time.

Alton Hampshire is a great place with the best Beer Festival in the South.  Visit Alton now.

Friday :

Saturday Lunch :

Saturday eve:

Key Lime PI

Electric Eden