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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you can find everything you are about to email us about here?

Can we bring kids?

No, the Alton Beer Festival has an over 18's policy. We really understand that an 12 mo does not look 18, but we enforce the policy regardless of the age of the child. Take the opportunity to enjoy a drink or few in a child-free zone. For any nursing mothers who want to join but cannot drink alcohol, soft drinks are available.

Can we bring dogs?

Unless the dog is an assistance dog, I'm afraid we can't allow dogs on the College premises.

Can we bring food?

Yes, you can bring your own food. There is the opportunity to purchase food from one of our caterers, and there are snacks available to buy if you're just a little peckish.

The only downside to bringing your own food is that it has been known for roving Trustees to snaffle your goodies if they like the look of them... ;-) 

What time are the bands?

On the Friday evening session, the band will start by 8pm.


On the Saturday session, the first band has two sets - 12-1pm and 1:30pm-2:30pm. The second band's sets are 3.00-3.45pm, 4.00 - 4.45pm & 5.00 - 5.40pm

Will the Edward Road (car park) entrance or Linnets Way entrance be open?

No. The Edward Road and Linnets Way entrances will be locked. The only entrance which is open is the main entrance on Old Odiham Road.

Do we need to bring a glass?

The Beer Festival is a firm advocate of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle so it is preferable to bring your own glass. Our beer and cider is served in half-pints so the best ones to bring are half-pints or pint glasses which are marked with a half-pint line. 

If you forget your glass, there will be a limited number of glasses available to rent for a donation to charity.

Where can I smoke/vape?

There are designated areas where you can smoke and vape. These are clearly signposted, and also marked in the programme. Please be considerate of others and smoke / vape in these designated areas only.

These areas have been agreed with the College, so we thank you for your cooperation - it allows us to continue to hold the Beer Festival at the College.

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